Friday, January 6, 2012

The "Big Announcement" of 2012

So, I know a lot of you (mostly my regular clients) have been waiting for this "big announcement" in 2012!    I really pumped it up on Facebook & was so excited I could just bust!  The announcement was going to be made on January 1st of 2012.  And never happened.  

I had posted that there was a "kink" or a little "hiccup" in the "announcement" and that I would hopefully make it later in the week.  And I know some of you have been waiting ever so patiently to hear what it is.  So here goes...

Some of you know that I have been in my studio space now for two years!  (Can you believe it's been two years!?!)  And a few of you know that I just haven't been happy with the space for the last year.  I'm not going to start the blame game or complain or share details...but I've just not been happy...I have very legit reasons.

So about six months ago I started a search all over the city of Hampton for a "new home" if you will, for my studio.  I searched & searched.  I viewed numerous places.  Found some I liked, found some I didn't like.  Some were just way too expensive, and some just weren't for me.

Right before Christmas of 2011, I found, on accident really, a nice place.  I saw the sign, did the research, called the #, made my 1st viewing appointment, then my 2nd viewing appointment, talked over all the details, started getting really excited, took lots of pictures, took measurements for furniture, spent countless hours on pinterest arranging & decorating my new space, spent hours ordering new prints to hang on my wall...etc.

I set-up my appointment, signed the lease, received my key and heard the words "I'm going to drop this off to the landlord, she will sign it, and we will mail your copy to you...Merry Christmas!"  And that was it!  I was THRILLED....ELATED....OVER THE MOON!! 

So I patiently waited for January 1st, 2012 (the start date of my lease) to tell you all the good news.  I had my paint crew all ready to go!

Then I received a phone call on New Years Eve telling me that they wanted me to come in & sign off on one item.  After they told me what it was, I thought "no biggie" I'll do it.  As I was there, I found out there were actually two things I needed to sign off on.  And one of them was a "deal breaker".  They now wanted me to pay for all the utilities, instead of them being included like they were in the original price, it was now going to be extra.  It was not something I could really afford.  It caught me off guard, I was completely shocked & devastated.  I called my husband and told him I had to walk out.  There was just no way I could do it/make it work.  I was literally shaking as I came out of that I sat there and watched my dreams quickly blow away.

We tried to come up with some sort of an agreement, but I just couldn't get over the fact that they wouldn't honor what they originally advertised it for.  And the more negotiating, the worse it seemed to get.  

And to top it all off, I had already sent a "vacating the premise" letter to my current landlord.  So now I've got to be out of there by February 28th.  

My husband and I have been around & around about this.  What do we do?  What is the best option for us?  We thought about going back to the current landlord & saying "can we void that letter now, we've changed our minds", but the thought of having to stay there another year just makes me sick.  And we thought about moving ahead with what the "new landlord" would want us to do...but running the figures over & over & over again, and just the "unknown" of it all...and just the thought they should honor what you advertise!...I just didn't know if we could afford it all.  And then there was the option of "do we just pack it up, thin down some of the prop collection, sell some of it, and move it back home"...I mean, that could be an option, if I don't go over 200 sqft of my home.  And the more I think of that option, the more frustrated I get.

So as of now, we will be "studio homeless" come February 28th, if I can't find a new place by then.  My requirements for a studio space are: somewhere in the city of Hampton (I do not want to go outside of Hampton!), somewhere reasonably priced/in my budget, somewhere that has an excellent landlord who's going to support a small business owner, and somewhere with no less than 600 sqft.  If you can, keep your eyes peeled, and let me know if you find anything.  (Even though I've already canvased the entire city over & over again.)

I'm trying not to let this get me down!  I really am.  I've shed enough tears already.  I know that God has a plan for me & my business.  It is all in HIS hands now!


  1. Oh you poor thing! That really is stink! Don't they legally have to honour what they have advertised! Dirty rotten rats! I hope you find somewhere for your new studio. All the best.
    Keep your chin up, this may be a blessing in disguise?! Something bigger, better & cheaper is out there for you

  2. All I know is, Amy, God is in control and when one door closes, another one opens. And it will be a better one. Hang tight... Ruby